Recording Sessions at Echo & Wave

Thinking of booking some studio time? Great!

Nothing excites me more than working with a band/musician right from the start of a project throughout.

We work extremely hard here, but I always make sure it's in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. You will ALWAYS get better and more creative work done if you're enjoying the process. This isn't the type of studio that just wants to "get the song finished".

I'm hugely passionate about recording great music and treat every stage of the process with care and respect.

The goal here is to create a finished product that we are both extremely proud of.

Control Room
Control Room

The Studio


Echo and Wave studios was designed.. well.. for myself really. I'm quite particular about having a place to work that feels good.

Everything is important when it comes to designing a good space to be creative, And believe me when I say, EVERYTHING was considered; from sound, to colour, to atmosphere.

The rooms are all acoustically treated and sound beautiful. That just makes everyone's job easier when it comes to choosing nice tones and mixing with precision. But the design, colour, lighting and atmosphere are what makes it such an inspiring and enjoyable place to work!


There is a separate Control room/Live Room/Vocal Booth allowing for comfortable tracking and isolation of each instrument. On top of that there is a range of high quality microphones here for our use.

I'm well educated with Pro Tools too, have done multiple courses in it and am proud to say that I'm now certified by Avid (the company that owns Pro Tools).

So everything we'll ever need to do on that end of things is there to use at our fingertips.

If you need it, I'd be happy to play as a session musician for your project too.


Just as the size of every project differs, so do rates. Best thing to do is send me a message and tell me what sort of thing you have in mind. We can discuss a budget then and get a price that works for you.

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