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Serve the Song. Not your Ego.

Whether you're writing or recording music, you'll never go far wrong if you stick to the rule of always doing what's best for the song. This goes for both musicians and producers. A good producer i

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Write Songs For Yourself

There is only one person you should be aiming to please when writing music. And that's yourself. Some songwriters worry too much about who might like their music. Will it impress other musicians to

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Changing One Song Forever

Every musician is probably guilty of spending a little too much time changing and rethinking one song. Maybe even to the point that a great idea just stays exactly as that for months, and never actual

01/12/2017 / Read /

Equipment is Only a Set of Tools

Don't ever feel like you can't start something until you get that perfect piece of equipment. That you can't start writing songs until you get a better guitar, or demoing new ideas until you upgrad

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Loading Up on Information

We all know that one guy who could talk your ear off all day on one specific topic. Take for example the average Mr. "I know everything about music equipment". He'll argue forever, and li