Loading Up on Information

Loading Up on Information


We all know that one guy who could talk your ear off all day on one specific topic. Take for example the average Mr. "I know everything about music equipment". He'll argue forever, and list every piece of gear on the market if he has to, just to prove that he knows more about it than you could ever dream of knowing yourself. But when you step back and look at it, you realise that this guy is not actually getting any good results with the things he's talking about. So what's happening? He's just overloading on information.

It's very easy these days for someone to get overly caught up in browsing the millions of enlightening articles and videos on the internet. Tips on improving your songwriting, music production, guitar playing and anything else in the world that you can think of. The problem is though, that the information on there is never ending. And it's crazy to think how many people are just clicking on video after video instead of actually practicing the very thing that they want to improve on. Consider this. While some people are spending all of their time watching videos on how to do certain things, the guys who made the videos could be in the studio putting that info into practice and improving how they do it.

So here's something helpful you can ask yourself. In the last couple of weeks how much time have you spent watching videos online about something you want to improve on? And in that time how long have you spent actually practicing it? If the balance isn't leaning way more towards the latter I would suggest re-prioritising your time. Don't take this post the wrong way. I'm not saying that there's not incredible worthwhile info on the net. I know I've gotten tons of cool ideas from there. My point is that you will only make progress on what you're learning if you actually go and do it afterwards. The person who doesn't use their knowledge has no advantage over the person who has no knowledge.

So don't spend all your time loading up on all this information but never actually putting what you've learned into practice. It's not what you know that will make you successful, it's what you do with what you know. Now... get the hell off the Internet and go do some work! (Joking... kind of...)

Keep making great music.