Send Your Music to Echo & Wave to get a Professional Production

A lot of musicians these days are choosing to do the recording and mixing of their projects at home.

This is a really great option for people who don't like to work against the clock in the studio, are on a small budget, or simply just like the comfort of their own home while being creative. The sad reality though, is that being a musician, and having the ability to produce an amazing recording, do not go hand in hand.

Without knowledge of how to balance and mix audio, it would be near impossible to make a song stand up against the high quality recordings and productions that dominate our iPods and CD collections.

Good mixing is what brings energy and life into a song, what sucks the listener
in and makes them feel connected to the music.

That's where I come in.

If you need help making your songs sound as sweet as they could, you can simply send them to me and I will mix them for you.

Echo & Wave Online Mixing Service

A Professional Mix

So what difference will it really make, having your songs mixed by a professional mixing engineer?

Well to name a few...

  • Proper gain staging to ensure there is sufficient headroom on each track
  • Balance and space will be created between conflicting instruments for maximum clarity
  • Tasteful compression and addition of effects will be added to enhance the music and performances
  • Effective equalization will be used to attenuate any problem frequencies that may be present in the recordings.
  • And most importantly... Advice! I can tell you exactly where it is that you may be going wrong, and help you to improve the quality of your work for future projects.


As every project is different, rates tend to vary. Send me a quick message with a brief summary of what you're hoping to do. We can discuss a budget then and get a price that works for you.

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